music genre: (most) traditional (main emphasis on 40‘s, 30's and 50's) depending on the crowd and type of event (Milonga, Festival or Marathon)

A good flow between rhythmical and lyrical is very important for me.

Dancers always can trust in the same mood / soft transition inside of tandas.

Most played orchestras: D'Arienzo, Canaro, Tanturi, Troilo, Lomuto, Demare, Pugliese, Rodríguez, O.T.V., Láurenz, Garcia, Fresedo, De Caro, Firpo (Orquesta), Di Sarli, Biagi, Petrucelli, Buzón, Federico, Gobbi, D'Agostino, Carabelli, Malerba, Caló

I'm a perfectionist for the best sound I can get (sources and equipment).

Tanda Structure: 4T-4T-4V-4T-4T-3M


How dance-flow can look like: